Thursday, April 18, 2013

Reelection above everything

What kind of country have we become?  We have almost 1 gun per person.  More people have been killed by guns since 1968 in this country (1,384,171) than in all of our wars (1,171,177), including the Revolutionary War.  In 2011 alone over 32,000 Americans were killed by guns, that's more than 100 per day.  Polls indicate that most of us favor increased gun control. Yet, our esteemed Senate cannot pass a law that says we should check out the people who buy guns and try to prevent nut cases and criminals from doing so.  Doing so might cause the gun adherents to really, really campaign against those who support better gun control.  And, heaven forbid, the Senator may be defeated.

It's quite interesting, at least to me, that the vote was 54 - 46 in favor of gun control.  That's what is considered a majority.  But, because the Senate worships the god of filibuster and will not commit a sin against it, the porous 'gun control' we now have will continue.  Our legislators do not get much done anyway.  So, is the time spent filibustering really wasted?  I would think that an actual filibuster against gun control at this point in time would demonstrate the stupidity of many gun advocates.  But, Obama and his cohort would rather inveigh against the evil gun advocates than run the risk of a filibuster.

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