Tuesday, August 02, 2016

A foreign country

The United Nations Special Rapporteur On The Rights To Freedom Of Peaceful Assembly And Of Association published a report of a recent trip he made to study how well the country has conformed to the rights of Peaceful Assembly And Of Association. The country didn't do too well. Some of his findings:
  • racial, social and economic inequality
  • Productivity and economic output has grown, but the benefits of these have gone primarily to the wealthiest, as the wages of average people have stagnated. 
  • declining union membership in a context of laws and practices which make it difficult for workers to organize, increasing corporate power, and a free market fundamentalist culture that actively discourages unionization. growing intimidation by law enforcement.
  • Undocumented migrants face tremendous challenges in exercising their right to freedom of association. 
  • The role that Customs plays in enforcing immigration laws, often in collaboration with local police and in disregard of the labor disputes that may be the cause of retaliation by the employer.

    Have you guessed the country?
    It's us.

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