Saturday, March 04, 2017

No killing, No arrest

A recent study by Boston Magazine found that, from the start of 2014 through September 20, 2016, there were 618 non-fatal gun shootings in Boston. Yet, in only 4% of the shootings were arrest made. Results were not good with fatal shootings either, as only 15% saw an arrest. 

The police attribute this result to the fact that witnesses generally refuse to cooperate and help identify shooters. But other cities have taken steps to alleviate the problem. Results have improved in these cities such as Milwaukee clears 30 percent of such cases by arrest. Denver made arrests in 29 percent of its cases over the past two years. Baltimore claims a 36 percent solve rate. And even small yet trigger-happy Trenton, New Jersey, clears a remarkable 45 percent of its non-fatal shootings cases.

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