Thursday, March 30, 2017

Truly nutso

Pee Wee Pumps makes soft shoes for infants. Its president, a woman, says that the products "are not intended for walking, but rather to meet the current and ever-growing popular demand for 'high-fashion' in infant apparel". The company describes its products as "cool" and "diva defining". The market for these products is infants up to six months old.

The shoes have collapsible heels and pointed toes. The company's Facebook page shows an infant in heels sitting astride a miniature motorbike with the caption: "This little #Diva, defining cool posing in her #PeeWeePumps." Others of their ads include babies wearing bead necklaces, sequin dresses and tutus. The shoes features styles made from red satin and leopard-skin material.

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Cinthia Cotto said...

On the flip side, I recently saw a headline for fashion to let kids be kids - specifically girls. The photo of a woman with capris pants and a low cut top exposing the midriff and the same outfit on an appx. 8 year old girl… This article equates fashion with adult wear. You can still be fashionable as an infant or an 8 year old without having to shrink what an adult woman would wear... Let kids be kids and stop making them grow up so darn fast...