Monday, May 15, 2017

Friends of Donald Trump

OOPS! I should have said "The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump: the Russians". That was the title of a documentary released last week by Dutch public television. One of the people on the show was an economic investigator, James Henry, who has supposedly looked deeply into Trump’s Russian ties. Henry comments: “The only way that he was able to finance his resurrection after 2000 was a torrent of money flowing out of Russia and former Soviet Union countries like Kazakhstan. The investors that he got at that point were looking for safe havens, or opportunities to launder money that were proceeds from basically criminal enterprises.”  A biographer of Trump, Michael D’Antonio, says: “The thing to notice when Donald Trump talks about his relationship with Russia is that he always says I have no business in Russia. He doesn’t say that Russians have no business with me.”

Is this "fake news"? I don't know but I suspect not. Here is the video"

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