Monday, May 08, 2017

Watch the formatting of your application

Upward Bound is a federal program that for quite a while has been providing low-income high-school students with tutoring and counseling to prepare them for college. These programs are usually offered by colleges. However, the current applications for funding of forty of the colleges that have been in the program has been denied by the Department of Education because the applications did not follow the rules of  formatting. These forty programs serve at least 2,400 low-income students. The rules that were not followed concerned form not content. 

For example:
Two infographics inserted in each of its applications included type with one-and-half-line spacing, rather than double-spacing.
Other applications violated the double-spacing rule requiring "no more than three lines per vertical inch," including text in charts and tables.
Wrong size and format of fonts was another serious error as was the width of margins.

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