Saturday, August 05, 2017

Boarding a plane....

...can be a real pain in the neck. To identify risky passengers, the TSA has compiled a list of 36 behavioral indicators that identify the risks from airline passengers. A lot of money has been spent in compiling the list and monitoring passengers. However, the GAO says that the list stinks. There is no evidence to support whether the behavioral indicators can be used to identify persons who may pose a risk to aviation security.

The TSA compiled the list from 178 sources. The GAO reviewed these sources and  found that 98 percent (175 of 178) of the sources do not provide valid evidence that is applicable to the specific behavioral indicators TSA cited them as supporting. Most of these sources are news articles, opinion pieces, presentations created by law enforcement entities and industry groups, and screen shots of online medical websites that do not meet GAO's definition of valid evidence. 

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