Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Impartial Researchers

I guess at one time the pundits of think tanks were fairly impartial. But, that was then, this is now. For example, an examination of 75 think tanks found an array of researchers who had simultaneously worked as registered lobbyists, members of corporate boards or outside consultants in litigation and regulatory disputes, with only intermittent disclosure of their dual roles. Yet, these pundits offer themselves as independent arbiters. Their imprimatur helps shape government decisions that can be lucrative to corporations.

Howsoever, many of these pundits conduct research at think tanks while corporations pay them to help shape government policy. Now, some think tanks have what they call "nonresident scholars" who are lobbyists, former government officials and others who earn their primary living working for private clients, with few restrictions on such outside work.

Naturally, the think tanks and pundits are not exactly forthcoming in revealing the connections with those seeking government regulations favorable to the companies.

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R J Adams said...

In a recent blog post, I believe I referred to these people as: "...pseudo-intellectuals who inhabit the political think-tanks of society – a vision of fat, odorous, toads crowded into slimy, stagnant, pools comes to mind...", though I may have been unfair - to toads.