Sunday, August 21, 2016

It's not looking good

Dahr Jamail has a survey article about climate change around the world. Read it and be frightened. 

His comments after having spent the summer in Alaska:
I've yet to have a conversation with national park rangers, glaciologists or simply avid outdoors-people that has not included a story of disbelief, amazement and often shock over the impacts of anthropogenic climate disruption (ACD) across their beloved state. Whether it is rivers causing massive erosion after being turbo-charged by rapidly melting glaciers, dramatically warmer temperatures throughout the year, or the increasingly rapid melting and retreat of the glaciers themselves, everyone who is out there, seeing the impacts firsthand, has a grave experience to share.
Glaciers are losing in excess of 75 billion tons of ice annually.
The temperature has reached 85 degrees.
The permafrost underneath the highway continues to melt at an ever-quickening pace, large fissures, cracks and bulges are causing it to break apart.
Given that there is no way to know what other kinds of deadly bacterium remain frozen in the Arctic's permafrost, we will find out only as the ice melts the bacteria, which will then re-animate as it did in Russia.

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R J Adams said...

We're screwed. Scientists now say the only hope we have is to develop technology that will suck CO2 out of the atmosphere at a great rate and somehow store it here on Earth. That technology is science fiction and likely to remain so. Our total reliance on fossil fuels has led us down a blind alley. No way out. I'm just glad I'm no longer twenty years old.