Thursday, January 12, 2017

Money or Country

I have been relatively silent about Mr. Trump's becoming president. I've hoped that his outbursts and non-presidential actions as president-elect would be minimized when he took office. I now doubt that will be the case. I find him still excessively egotistical and unable to accept the facts that he is not universally loved and that he is as fallible and error-prone as the rest of us. 

I can understand his not wanting to "play the game" as practiced over the life of this country. But, one would think at age 70 he would realize that his job now is to be president, not a businessman. Why he is afraid to finally reveal his tax returns can only lead people to believe he is hiding something nasty and clearly non-presidential. As president and former president, he will never be financially troubled. Why can't he establish a trust fund which he does not control? Why must he act in violation of the Constitution?

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