Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Combine Aleve and Nexium and you get Vimovo

Horizon Pharma, an Irish drug company, bought Vimovo from Astra Zeneca in 2013. They have done well with it, sales have exceeded $450 million. It sounds bizarre ,since Vivomo consists of two drugs that comprise the over-the-counter medicines, Aleve and Nexium. The Aleve handles your pain, and the Nexium helps with the upset stomach that’s sometimes caused by the pain reliever. The basic pitch is that it’s easier to take one pill than two.

The cost of a month's supply of Aleve and Nexium is about $40. For Vimovo, it's $3,252. Since Horizon has done so well with Vimovo , it has introduced  Duexis, a similar convenience drug that combines ibuprofen and famotidine, aka Advil and Pepsid.

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R J Adams said...

Could be why its CEO Timothy Walbert was paid $93,000,000 last year. Let's be honest, the company may be based in Southern Ireland but it wholly American. In fact, its Wikipedia page reads more like the biography of a hedge fund rather than a drug company. Since 2014 its swallowed up four major drug companies at a total cost of $3,260,000,000. Obviously, not such a bitter pill to swallow.