Saturday, December 10, 2016

Navy Football is the same as any Division 1 Team

And maybe worse. It has its own prep school, the Naval Academy Prep School (NAPS). It is tuition-free and students are paid $1,000 a month by us; the school costs us $14,000,000 a year. It is used as a feeder for the Academy for the children of alumni or politicians who don’t have the grades or SAT scores to be admitted into the Naval Academy directly from high school as well as other students.  Students are essentially guaranteed a spot in the Naval Academy the next year.

Recruited athletes make up only 35 percent of the current NAPS class. But seventy-five percent of the current football team got into the Naval Academy through NAPS. More than half the men’s basketball team went to NAPS, and 60 percent of the women’s basketball team. There have been years when 80 percent of the lacrosse team’s players were NAPS graduates.

And then there is the Naval Academy Foundation,which was founded in 1944 to support Navy athletics. It pays for scholarships to send athletes to a private prep school, usually one with a heavy emphasis on sports. In return, the athletes are expected to go to the Naval Academy the next year. 

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