Friday, February 09, 2018

“A Diva, Mogul, Author, Idealist with scars to prove it.”

That's how Tiffany Brown, an Atlanta entrepreneur, describes herself on Twitter. Maybe that's why she was given a $156 million contract by FEMA to supply 30,000,000 million meals to Puerto Rico as soon as possible. She has a one person company that uses subcontractors to do her work. She has never worked in large-scale disaster relief; plus, government agencies have cancelled at least five contracts with her. 

Things did not go well. By the time 18.5 million meals were due, she had delivered only 50,000. Furthermore, the food had been packaged separately from the pouches used to heat them. FEMA’s solicitation required “self-heating meals.” FEMA terminated her contract. FEMA has had delivery problems before. 

After Hurricane Maria, FEMA awarded more than $30 million in contracts for emergency tarps and plastic sheeting to a company that never delivered the needed supplies.

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