Wednesday, March 21, 2018

How old do you think Sadie Cox is?

The BBC featured Sadie Cox (above) on the "Must See" section of their website today under the title 'A 100-year-old woman shares the secret of her young looks'. Her photo has gone viral on the net. 

While she does look younger than 100, her doing so is not that much of a surprise to me. That's because I live at a retirement home where most of the women - and the men - look a lot younger than they are. A fourth of the population is 90 and above.

Her secret:

"I can't stand old people. I'm not on their wavelength. They only talk about hospitals and the various appointments they've got. I don't want to know if you're getting your piles done tomorrow. 

 "Younger people always have something interesting to talk about, they talk about real life and what's going on now instead of reminiscing about how things used to be. 

 "Talk about what's going on today because that's the only thing we've got. What's been has been."

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