Friday, April 20, 2018

You might want to attend this master class

Three hundred attended the last class, which has been held in Rome annually for the last thirteen years. The formal name of the class is “Exorcism and Prayer of Liberation”. Tuition is only $372 for a week's master class on Exorcism. You'll learn how to yell at the devil, rid Muslims of black magic and purge Satan on your cellphone. 

Some of the lectures: “The Prayer of Liberation, a Theological and Pastoral Approach”, “The Auxiliary Exorcist: Skills and Duties”, “Magical, Esoteric and Occult Links to Some Alternative and Energy-giving Therapies”, “The Exorcist: Life, Choices and Mistake”, “Witchcraft in Africa.”

Perhaps if you pass the course, you can join the International Association of Exorcists in 2014, which is recognized by the Vatican.

I've been interested in the subject since I saw an exorcism in Assisi when I was 11.

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sdevito said...

One could argue that your exorcism was successful?