Sunday, March 12, 2017

A Celebrity Urologist

Dr. David Samadi is a regular medical expert on Fox News, who advertises for and attracts international patients and boldface names, such as “Today Show” host Matt Lauer. His patients at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan are served gourmet meals. He is one of the country’s highest-paid surgeons, earning $6.7 million in 2015 as a specialist in robotic prostate surgery.

However, the Boston Globe's Spotlight Team "found that Samadi overlapped one case with another at some point in about 70 percent of his roughly 2,200 operations between mid-2013 and mid-2016. Hundreds of times, one operation overlapped completely with another." Current and former medical personnel  told regulators and the Globe that Samadi, while working on one case, routinely hands off simultaneous operations to unsupervised residents who are still learning how to do surgery. His residents have also complained to an accrediting agency that he doesn’t properly train them.

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