Sunday, May 13, 2018

Number 14 Found

The number refers to the feet found on the beach of an island in British Columbia. Last week a walker on the beach found it. In previous cases running shoes have encased the foot; in the current case it was covered by a hiking shoe. Feet have been found here for more than a decade.

There are several theories as to the cause of the unattached feet: a tsunami, a human trafficker, a Mafia hit man, a deranged foot fetishist or a serial killer who had spread body parts out to sea. Others have theorized that the floating appendages could belong to people falling off a ship or killed in a plane crash. One thing that is not the cause of the disembodied feet is suicide or accident,or so the coroners say; they think it is likely that the cause was someone slipping and falling into the sea, or a swimmer being swept into the ocean by a huge wave.

Nine of the feet have been identified, two of them from the same person, according to the Coroners Service. Most of the feet were men’s. In at least three cases, the shoes were size 12.

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