Wednesday, November 09, 2016

It was a beautiful sunrise today

The world's history shows that all empires eventually fail and they fail at a faster clip as time moves on. The Roman Empire lasted for 400 years; subsequent empires lasted much shorter. The United States Empire is less than 100 years old and it has been falling for perhaps 25 years. The election of Donald Trump will not slow down its demise; it will just be faster than if Hillary Clinton had won. While empires fail, we still can appreciate the occasional beautiful sunrise as was the case today.

As my friend RJ of Sparrowchat says, Obama had a fair amount to do with this failure, "You never kept your promises, Obama. You let your country down. You didn’t close Gitmo; you failed to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; you pandered to the corporations with your TPTPs and TTIPs. You promised ‘medical coverage for all’ and gave a handout to the insurance companies; you bailed out the banks with taxpayer’s money then allowed them ‘business as usual’; you failed to punish corruption by the wealthy; most of the jobs you managed to create were poorly paid, service jobs, that forced well qualified Americans into menial employment; you failed to restrain the military-industrial complex and allowed it to expand twenty-fold under your presidency; you became the ‘assassination-president’ who rained down terror from the skies on innocent human beings, while expanding the number of wars America is presently engaged in (there are currently U.S. Special Ops in 70% of the world’s nations!). Your parting gift to your political opponents – a vacant Supreme Court post you’ve left open for them to fill…"

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