Friday, May 19, 2017

He flunks as a business man

Barry Ritholz has a summary of a strong article in Business Week entitled "Would You Let Trump Run Your Company?" Here is a summary of his summary:

To be fair, he is running the country in the same style and manner as he ran his Casinos, Trump University, Trump Steaks, etc. His portfolio began with inherited money that he arguably mishandled; ha he merely put it into the market and sat tight for a few years, he would be worth 10X his current holdings. His real wealth all came about post 2012 election. His “business acumen” if we can call it that was using the 2012 run for president as a cynical branding exercise, which led to huge licensing dollars afterwards. Call it what you will: contemptible, vulgar, even unAmerican — all of that wildly understate how utterly damaging his flavor of cynical selfishness has been to the country.

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