Monday, May 08, 2017

More from Bacevich

Continuing Thoughts About America

6. Assassin-in-chief:  "After 9/11, however, Washington returned to the assassination business in a big way and on a global scale, using drones. But does assassination actually advance U.S. interests (or does it merely recruit replacements for the terrorists it liquidates)? How can we measure its costs, whether direct or indirect? What dangers and vulnerabilities does this practice invite?"

7. The war formerly known as the “Global War on Terrorism”: "What precisely is Washington’s present strategy for defeating violent jihadism?  What sequence of planned actions or steps is expected to yield success? If no such strategy exists, why is that the case?  How is it that the absence of strategy -- not to mention an agreed upon definition of “success” -- doesn’t even qualify for discussion here?"

8. The campaign formerly known as Operation Enduring Freedom: When is the war in Afghanistan going to end?

9. The Gulf: We now export oil. Why should the Persian Gulf still be considered essential to our security?

10. Hyping terrorism: Each year terrorist attacks kill far fewer Americans than do auto accidents, drug overdoses, or even lightning strikes. Yet in the allocation of government resources, preventing terrorist attacks takes precedence over preventing all three of the others combined. Why is that?

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