Monday, May 29, 2017

Hearing Aids and Guns

The Senate wants to change the law so that people can buy hearing aids over the counter. The sponsors of the change believe it will lower prices, spur innovation, and help millions of people with mild-to-moderate hearing loss obtain devices and improve their lives. Naturally, hearing aid manufacturers oppose the proposed change. After all, they charge at least $3,000 for their devices, some cost as much as $10,000. Over-the-counter aids, which would be the purview of the FDA, would be a lot cheaper. 

Okay, I can understand why the manufacturers would oppose the law. But, Gun Owners of America also oppose the change because they claim it would impact hunters who purchase hearing enhancement devices as a way of better hearing their quarry. This, they say, is an infringement on their constitutional rights. Perhaps, the Gun Owners oppose the change because Elizabeth Warren is a sponsor along with Republican senators. The Senate version was recently approved in committee with bipartisan support. The House bill has been approved by a key subcommittee, winning praise from the panel’s staunchly conservative chairman, Texas Representative Michael Burgess. 

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