Monday, August 28, 2017

Going to War

The above photo shows members of the New York Light Foot militia who patrolled in Charlottesville. There were 32 members, each of whom was carrying 60-80 lbs. of equipment. The equipment consisted of the following:
  • Kevlar military-style helmets.  
  • Tactical shooting glasses with polarized, toughened lenses, to improve vision and guard against shrapnel and kick-back from shooting action. 
  • Level Three body armor that resists up to a standard 7.62mm bullet fired from an AK-47-type gun.
  • Battle shirt and pants, in variable military colors and/or camouflage pattern. Favored brands include 5.11, Condor or ATAC. Combat boots, such as those marketed by US brand Bates. 
  • Firearms: Smith & Wesson AR-15 assault rifle and a semi-automatic handgun. Three spare magazines of 30 rounds each. 
  • Pocket knife. 
  • Police night-stick style baton. 
  • Personal first-aid kit and tourniquet. 
  • Radio and earpiece. 
  • Cellphone with GPS function. 
  • Personal hydration system, e.g., Platypus brand water carrier. 
  • Military surplus gas mask and respirator carried in a pouch. 
  • Snack bars.  

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