Wednesday, August 09, 2017

One way of making a yuan

A yuan is China's dollar. It's worth about fifteen cents. The women I'll be talking about were paid 200 yuan ($30) a day for helping collect debts or trying to entice people to move. They were not kids, some were as old as 70. There were more than 30 in what was actually a gang. They've been working together for the past four years. 

They did not do their job in what would be considered the usual way. Basically, they terrorized people into paying debts by cursing, spitting, beating and even stripping off and grabbing their victim’s genitals. Before actually confronting the debtor, they would harass them by using megaphones for days. When they confronted the victim, they would tear off the clothes of female victims and strip off their own clothes before confronting the men, apparently to suggest that they had been sexually assaulted. The police did eventually act and many of them went to jail for as many as eleven years.

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