Thursday, August 24, 2017

Our national emergencies

As the NY Times claims are still active

1. Actions of the Iranian government 
2. Breakdown of law and order in Zimbabwe 
3. Breakdown of law and order in the Central African Republic 
4. Colombian narcotics traffickers 
5. Disruption of the Middle East peace process 
6. Erosion of human rights in Venezuela 
7. Expiration of the Export Administration Act 
8. Extremist violence in the Balkans 
9. Human rights abuses in Belarus 
10. Human rights violations by the Sudanese government 
11. Instability and violence in Libya 
12. Malicious cyber-enabled activities 
13. Nuclear proliferation on the Korean Peninsula 
14. Political and economic instability in Lebanon 
15. Proliferation of weapons of mass destruction 
16. Sale of Iraqi petroleum 
17. Syria’s support of terrorism 
18. The 1979 Iranian hostage crisis 
19. The Sept. 11 attacks 
20. Threat of foreign terrorism 
21. Threats to Yemen’s peace, security and stability 
22. Transnational criminal organizations 
23. U.S. ships entering Cuban waters 
24. Undermining of democracy in Ukraine 
25. Violence and piracy in Somalia 
26. Violence in Burundi 
27. Widespread violence and atrocities in South Sudan 
28. Widespread violence and atrocities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Do they ever end? Each must be renewed by the president annually. We still look at the Iranian hostage crisis (1979) and 9/11 (2001) as emergencies. How many others are more than five years old?

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